Green environment, ecological caring and social responsibility are important values at Domaine des Tourelles. The Brun were originally a farmers family, with roots strongly tied to Nature and Earth. Their agricultural tradition was translated into the winery’s architecture: concrete vats to ferment and age the wines, old stones with special holes for a natural temperature’s regulating system and finally a well-studied building’s direction allowing either a heating or a cooling down options upon the production’s needs.

As a result, there are no machinery coolers for the red wine, which is a challenging condition by itself.

On another hand, the Property implements a strong recycling policy by collecting its own used bottles and reprocessing them in the production cycle. Moreover, cartons and plastic items are assembled in a special space before being dispatched to Arcenciel, a Lebanese NGO taking care of the disabled persons (they sell these items to special recycling industries in order to raise funds for their own projects). Even the residues of the fermented grapes are transformed into natural fertilizers for the vineyards.
Last but not least, Domaine des Tourelles is a socially involved company that gives any recruiting priority to its hometown’s residents, securing hence a lifelong career and revenues to many families from Jdita village who were therefore able to stay in their ancestors’ land.

These values have always shaped up the winery’s philosophy, and still are.